Frequently Asked Questions


What are the care instructions for Delightful Daisy tees?

For longest lasting wear, wash all shirts inside out with cold water. Hang drying is preferred, but to remove wrinkles you can dry on low. Do not iron! Do not use fabric softener as it will cause your designs to peel and ruin them.

Can I order a custom Delightful Daisy shirt?

At this time, I would love to hear your custom idea request to see if it is something I can create for you! Although, we are not able to change the wording on any of the shirts. We always take new ideas though! Please email us your ideas to

Can I get other designs on sweaters and/or tanks?

Of course! All designs are listed with the items that they will fit on. If its not listed you can reach out to check and see if it's doable. 



What type of wax do you use?

Delightful Daisy uses a variety of waxes including soy and soy blends. Soy wax is known for its natural properties and slow burn. Soybeans are better for the environment. We do also offer soy blends which are a blend of soy and paraffin. All items will be marked wether they are soy or soy blend. 

Why do my candles have variations of colors or frosting?

Natural waxes will have varying shades of color. The variation in your candles may be due to a difference in wax blend, the weather, or due to the fragrance oils that are used. Most of our candles will be white to off white; however, this may change based on the color of the fragrance oil. This is natural in undyed candles. If your dyed candle has frosting (almost like Elsa got ahold of it) please know that this is normal for soy candles and will not change the way your candle burns or operates. 

Why is my candle tunneling?

Candles have wax memory. Meaning if you blow your candle out sooner than the 3-4 hour mark, your candle will remember where the melt pool was the next time you light you candle and will continue to burn incorrectly. 

How do I control the strength of my candle scent?

Some fragrances are bold while some are intended to be subtle. Our wax and fragrance oil blends are formulated to optimize scent throw. Of course, this can be altered slightly based on the size of the space where you decide to burn your candle. We recommend considering a wider diameter candle for large or open spaces with more narrow diameters reserved for closed spaces. Everyones nose is different so what may be strong to one person may be dull to another. 

Here is a quick guide to room size and scent throw:
Small Rooms: 4 oz, 7 oz, and 8 oz candles
Medium Rooms: 7 oz and 8 oz candles for a softer scent. 10 oz and 15 oz moderate scent. 18 oz candles for maximum scent
Large Rooms: 18 oz or multiple smaller sizes burned at the same time 
How are my candles measured?
Candles are measured and sold, for the most part, according to weight not volume. Because of this, the labels for our products will reflect the net weight of the wax, not the full volume capacity of the vessel.

Please refer to our candle care to get the most out of your candles and for safe burning. Never burn your candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time

Wax Melts 

What type of wax are your melts?

All of our wax melts was well as candles are made with soy wax. Giving you a clean burn/melt and amazing fragrance. 

How long do your wax melts last?

We recommend not burning your wax melts for longer than 4-6 hours.



What if my package gets lost?

We are so sorry to hear that your items get lost during delivery! Please note that once your item leaves our hands and is now with USPS, delivery issues are out of our control. Please contact your local post office regarding the matter. We also do offer Route insurance, be sure to add that to your order which will cover issues with your package and the post office.

What is your turn around time? 

Most of our items are handmade to order so they take about 10-15 business days. Other boutique items are shipped within 3-5 business days! Please remember around the holiday season it may take a little longer since the postal system is overwhelmed with packages.

How do I contact you with order questions?

Please email me at and I will respond within 48 hours or reach out to me via our Facebook Page.

What are your hours? 

We're in the store  Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 4pm. I do answer all emails and inquiries within 48 hours. 

Where are you located?

You can shop in store at 127 West Rodney French Blvd, Suite 39A New Bedford Ma 02744